Tuesday, April 19, 2011

VoNP and Other Things

There's an election coming in the Village of New Paltz. May 3. Crazy, right? If you know who's running, you know why I've (tried) to be quiet on this. I've done a good job and I'm glad I did keep my big mouth (fingers?) shut (off the keyboard?) because I *will* be attempting a little mini-project that will (hopefully) lead to some impartial coverage over here at Barbie Blog. Of course, all of this depends on whether the candidates respond or not, so fingers crossed for freedom of information and open access to government (or, in this case, pre-governmental candidates).

In the meantime, if you want to check out the debates, either buy a TV and subscribe to local cable (channel 23 has a nearly round-the-clock rotation of political and quasi-political programming from candidates, including various incarnations of the past few debates and government meetings) and check out the debate schedule over at the Gadfly. The SUNY New Paltz Oracle, specifically Maxim Alter, is doing a fantastic job of covering not only the candidates, but also the issues, and is making good use of embedded video from past debates. New Paltz Times also has some here-and-there coverage, but we know you're most interested in the letters. After this week, we'll have only 1 more paper of pre-election debauchery, so shell out the buck and enjoy.

Keep in mind that with THIRTEEN candidates in this election, nearly EVERYONE has some sort of stake or alliance in things. I'm openly supporting the One Community Party, and Gadfly's KT is on the Jason West/Ariana Basco team-that-isn't-technically-a-team. Same goes for the debates (Woodland Ponds excepted) - from what I hear, /root's Justin Holmes is supporting at least one individual candidate, and Town/Gown Connect's Brian Wallace is partners and partners with another. None of this makes anyone inherently good or bad (it's good to have opinions in an election!); just keep this in mind when you're reviewing coverage, whether here, on channel 23, or elsewhere in this wide, wide web of worldness.

I suspect I'm *really* late to the game on this one, but the Watershed Post is a phenomenal local blog/web media/environmental advocacy/etc. site that I am embarrassed to admit I missed and am presently addicted to. Just this week alone we have horses, turkeys, ramps, bears, stabbings, and fracking. JUST THIS WEEK, people!!! They describe themselves as, "a news and information hub for the Catskills, the source of New York City's water" broken into "local news," "searchable and updateable business directory," and "events calendar." I just call them, "awesome." Jam a needle of this one into your arm, lie back, and enjoy the bliss...