Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What are they thinking?!

So, Brian Kimbiz/Kazmin has decided to take an extended vacation (see also: newer and more betterer job than the one he was elected to). He'll be missing at least 7 meetings, but will supposedly be available via email (I'm still waiting for responses on some long overdue emails, and apparently the New Paltz Times is, as well). You can read about it here and here and here.

He's decided he won't accept his salary while he's gone (aww, thanks!), but I'm wondering why he and others have been accepting their salaries while they were actually here?! I've talked about Village Board attendance in the past (if you want to see the previous posts, check out Committed Volunteers and Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! In addition, Brian Kimbiz/Kazmin wasn't even technically elected, which you can read about at Ulster County Board of Elections: Shady or just stupid?).

(Click on the image for larger versions, which will open in a new window)

Think about that for a little bit. I'll be back to discuss in greater detail tonight.