Sunday, April 26, 2009

Village Candidate Forum

On Friday, May 1, Bill Mulcahy will be filming a Candidate's Forum for all announced Village of New Paltz Trustee Candidates. Invited participants include Pete Healey, Patrick O'Donnell and Brian Kimbiz.

The Forum will be broadcast live at 7:00pm (assuming the modulator is working) on New Paltz Public Access Channel 23. To submit a question in advance, please contact Bill Mulcahy at Alternately, a call-in number will be available during the live broadcast.

The Village Elections will be held on Tuesday, May 5, from 12:00pm until 9:00pm at the Village Firehouse, located at 25 Plattekill Ave. There are 2 Trustee seats open, each with a 4-year term. Healey and O'Donnell are both on the ballott; Kimbiz has announced a write-in campaign. Any other person can also be written in as a candidate.

To cast a write-in vote on a lever machine, follow the instructions below.
1. Find the column for the office where you wish to cast a write-in vote.
2. Lift the metal door at the top of the column.
3. Behind the door, there should be a blank piece of white paper. If there is ANYTHING written on the paper, alert an election inspector without opening the curtain; just stick your head outside without pulling any levers.
4. Write in the name of the candidate you wish to cast a vote for.
5. Finish casting your votes by pulling levers and/or writing in names. When you are finished, pull the large lever at the bottom to open the curtain. This will record your votes.

***Please note: Lifting the metal write-in slide at the top of any column will count as a vote. You will NOT be able to pull a lever in that column once the slide has been lifted, even if you write nothing on the paper.

***Please note: Write-in votes for candidates whose names appear on the ballot will not be counted.

***Please note: You may cast a write-in vote for anyone you want, for as many offices as you want.

***Please note: You may bring pens, pencils, palm cards, voter guides, etc. into the polling place and voter booth. These do not constitute electioneering materials.

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  1. Oh man, I would love to go to this, but I'll be out of town! All my favorite people in town will be there, shucks! (It's hard to convey in a comment box on a blog that I am being deeply ironic [about all but 1 person] so allow me to explain: I AM BEING DEEPLY IRONIC.) But I still would have loved to go, just to hear those three debate. Priceless.