Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reader Responses

Some reader responses to the VONP election results:
  • Wow.
  • This is about as depressing a blog posting as I am ever going to read. A schmendrick on the village board. I wondered if it was a waste of time to vote since only 2 candidates are on the ballot for 2 positions. I'm glad I voted for Pete, so at least this is not my fault. Jesus.
  • Wow. Good Luck Vo'NP! You will need it. And let us remember NOT to paint all student candidates with the same brush: Dan Torres (for NP school board) is intelligent, responsible, aware, and erudite, and he can even speak in complete sentences!
  • Good to know the I's will be crossed and the T's will be dotted!
  • Brian is scary.
  • Now a minimal lesion, perhaps acceptable, but a great lesion?
  • What a turn of events... unbelievable...
  • Are you serious??
  • No!!!! Doucher Brian is in??? Kill me now!!!!!!
  • Pete was going to be the only voice of reason left on that board and the only one that would question the Mayor. This is really bad for the village... are people asleep?


  1. I see Kimbiz canceled his Twitter account where all the tweets had to do with getting perhaps he's trying to clean up his image!

  2. Careful about Torres. Do not expect more than conformism and shallowness.