Friday, April 23, 2010

"The word 'flu' is always dangerous. So, I figured I'd see what it was all about." - Bob Gray

Today begins my second day home with the lousy flu. I hate the flu. I don't really know anyone who doesn't. And, somehow, I ALWAYS manage to get it right around this time. Last year really wasn't very bad for sickness at all, so I can hardly complain. Perhaps it had something to do with palm trees and sunshine well into December. But now I'm back on the goddamn east coast, and back with my lousy gross sickies. And I'm taking Tamiflu, which from what I've been able to tell, probably does absolutely nothing. I guess it's supposed to decrease the lengthy of your symptoms or severity or some such nonsense. But by like a day. And only maybe. Not sure really what the benefit of it actually is, plus Rumsfeld had some hand in its development or marketing or SOMETHING like that which, if I was a crazy Dem, would probably make me really nervous and conspiratorial and lead to a panic attack which would cause my airways to close and kill me when I probably should've just taken the Tamiflu and gone to sleep for a while. I'm none of those things, though, so I'm just taking the silly stuff and suffering somewhat quietly.

I did basically nothing except sleep yesterday, and read "Brooklyn," a sweet, fast novel by Irish author Colm Toibin. I generally hate modern fiction, especially anything that has ever even been near the NY Times Bestseller List, but this one was gentle and easy, perfect for a day lying in bed coughing up all sorts of unspeakable things, well-suited for the type of spring we've been having this year.

I'm thinking that this unanticipated quarantine can also allow for a few bonuses - I'll finally write up Part 2 of the social networking series (poor Korn, I promised AGES ago!). I'll also get some work done on my tirade against the Board of Elections, which I'm sure you've all been anxiously anticipating since I alluded to it weeks and weeks ago. I'm sure I can also come up with a few local politics gripes, too. Oh, things are so exciting in Barbie Blog!

But, for now, I'm going to share a few lovely blogs, think about the embroidery and/or sewing I can do today without kicking my ass TOO much, and perhaps watch the Cider House Rules or A Place in the Sun because, even though I'm broke, I can't part with my Netflix.

Also, if anyone wanted to bring me vegetarian celery-free, cilantro-free, beet-free get well foods, I'd be forever indebted (or, really, just pretty grateful and appreciative).

Just came across This Mama Makes Stuff today and I really love it. Her ideas are great, her ART LESSONS for the kids are freaking PHENOMENAL, and I see tremendous value in her blog for anyone, regardless of whether you have a child-free existence or not. Her genius refashions alone are reason enough to add to your roster.

I was fortunate enough to meet Susanna at the NYC Easter Parade a few weeks ago, and am so impressed with her lovely, lovely blog. She is an amazing artist and I am just smitten with her winged messengers and I also really love her round robins (the royal confections are to-die-for). So, check out Susanna's Sketchbook and you'll probably be as enamored as I am.

I couldn't go completely non-local and apolitical. If you haven't checked it out yet, "Sweetie Petey" has been doing some outstanding blogging over at the PR Party website. If you want a chuckle, want something to think about, or just want to join those cranky Hinchey-or-Bust Dems in being mad at us, it's the perfect place to be.

My LLLL (Lovely Lesbian Lover Lagusta, as if you didn't know) has a few exciting blog developments! First, the much-loved resistance is fertile has a new URL at Also, her amazing Lagusta's Luscious (LLLLL? Luscious Lovely Lesbian Lover Lagusta?) now has it's own foodie home! So update your bookmarks and be sure to check both of them out!

Finally, the amazing Ivan Lajara appears to have organized a blog roll for the Kingston Daily Freeman similar to (but better than) that junk the PoJo tries to do. It's got a lot of really neat blogs and I'm so glad they're bolstering their online presence (I really wish Ulster Publishing would learn a thing or two from them and do something about the god-awful website). Of course, LB is one of the featured blogs and if you'd like to be included, too, just send your info over to Ivan! He also turned me onto an amazing live blogging tool called Cover It Live, which I hope to be using here soon. It's gotta work better than the running comment commentary over at the gadfly... oy. Anyways, check out the other blogs, keep up with a few that you like, and comment to let them know that you want to see more!


  1. Hello!! Thank you for the link lovin', and I'm so happy you're back to blogging!

    That is all for now.


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