Thursday, May 20, 2010

Could someone please explain?

For the past few months, I've been watching a number of events unfold, and I must admit - I have no idea WTF is going on here.

I've watched Democrats close the blinds and lock the doors while Republicans struggle to crack them back open.

I've watched multiple Democrat-run governments move forward with falsified, illegal budgets.

I've watched so-called "progressives" allow their environmentalism to escalate into frenzied paranoia, using environmental protection to justify impediments to progress and change.

I've watched Greens bow down to rules they had no role in developing, adopting them as their own and finally crumbling under the strain in some strange version of Stockholm Syndrome, which didn't hurt their oppressors but will almost certainly hurt them.

I've watched Republican after Republican not only advocate for, but honestly, truly work for, meaningful governmental reform rather than the milquetoast nonsense Bartoletti and Horner have paraded around for years.

I've seen voters support a tax increase that was greater than one proposed 3 months ago, this time acting strongly in support of what they were overwhelmingly against.

I've watched the level of illogical intolerance rise to an astonishing level, where the partisan black/white enemy mentality has become so ingrained that it is almost insurmountable.

I've watched adults descend into utter foolishness, grasping desperately for anything they can paint as "victory," rather than recognizing that their cause stands on its own merit.

I've seen remarkable pettiness infuse the commentary of people who consider themselves community leaders and upstanding citizens, even though nobody else does.

I've watched as we bask in the suffering of another in order to feel better about our own.

I've watched as people are subtly, quietly backing down from everything that should enrage them, instead opting to only be enraged as they are told.

I've gotta ask, what is going on?

Registered Democrats, why do you continue to demonstrate wholehearted loyalty to a party that refuses to remain loyal to you? Surely this isn't what you expected when you elected them to represent you?

Elected Republicans, how long will this last? You've certainly got my attention, and I like what I've seen, but at what point will it go back to being about abortions and business and every other issue where we've already agreed to disagree?

Greens, why can't you please get out of your own way? When will you recognize that so many do want to see you successful, yet it's your own decisions that are siphoning away support?

Crazy, crazy times.

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